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Improv & Sketch Coaching

Improv on Rye.jpeg

Coaching is clearly serious business

Improv on Rye, 2015

Improv and sketch comedy are not easy, but they are skills you can learn with practice, the right instruction, and a love for comedy.


Areas that I specialize in include: working with beginners, understanding game, deconstructing monologues and scenes to generate ideas, simplifying premise, being present, matching energy, jam skills, characters, and learning the details that can make or break a scene or sketch.


I’ve coached hundreds of people at all skill levels during my career.  I believe there is always something to learn and there is nothing more valuable than practice, practice, practice. (Hey, even the UCB played Carnegie Hall.) My goal is to help you get a little better every time we work together.


As a bonus, I can also discuss any marketing or advertising you have planned or designed for your upcoming shows during our session.

Interested in coaching? Email me to find out more or to book a session.

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